A changelog contains a curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each version of a software project.

We do consider our web site as an aplication and because we believe applications are for people, we wanted to make it easy for you to discover what was new, what has changed, etc.

Here a little legend:

  • release: for new services and new versions announcement
  • added: for new features added to a service
  • changed: for changes in existing functionality
  • updated: for updates to a service
  • deprecated: for once-stable features removed in upcoming release
  • removed: for deprecated features removed in this release
  • fixed: for any bug fixes
  • security: for security related or vulnerabilities updates

2015-07-27 updated yep everything is working fine, you can download videos from youtube :)
2015-03-30 updated for many days, due to an unforeseen problem, videos can not be downloaded
2015-03-01 fixed some caching mecanism that prevented some video to be downloaded
2015-02-17 release Burrrn v1.0.0
2015-02-16 added list of popular downloaded videos
2015-02-16 added list of latest downloaded videos
2015-02-15 added a list of supported services
2015-02-14 added feature to download video links
2015-02-13 release now we support the Youtube service
2015-02-10 added a changelog to show what has changed on the site